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  1. Mike

    Missing Posts / Threads / Avatars

    After investigating the issues we've had, I can confirm that it looks like we lost most posts/threads from Friday, May 3. I'm still working on the missing avatars issue. I should have those in backups and can hopefully restore them.
  2. Mike

    Forum Down Time

    I just attempted to upgrade the forum software. That was a bust! 2.5 hours of down time =( Sorry guys! It's 2:00 AM here now. I will try again tomorrow after I figure out what went wrong. I restored from backup, but we shouldn't have lost any posts since I took a snapshot right before the...
  3. Mike

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I know it's late, but I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the forum. I also want to thank you all for being members of the community we've built around this awesome hobby! I've been so busy these past few months that I didn't even get a chance to get the...
  4. Mike

    Forum is up!

    Sorry guys, we've been having a lot of issues with our hosting provider lately. The forum was down for more than a day. Everything seems good now, but we're looking into what's going on with our servers.
  5. Mike

    Forum back up!

    Sorry. Not sure what's going on with our hosting, but this is the second time we've had the site hard down for at least an hour in the past couple months. Going to look into it further to see what's going on. Everything should be good now though! Thanks, Mike
  6. Mike

    Forum Down (for about an hour)

    Hello! Your eyes weren't mistaken. The forum was down for about the past hour. There were some issues with the server, but they're all resolved now. Shoot me a private message if you notice any further issues! Remember, you can also always check out our twitter for updates when the forum is...
  7. Mike

    Forum Down Today (earlier) - *Resolved

    The forum was down today for about four hours due to a hardware issue our hosting company was having. Everything is back online and appears to be working as expected. If anyone has any issues, please reply here and we'll look into them! Thanks for your patience and sorry for the...
  8. Mike

    Brief Outage

    Sorry about the brief outage a few minutes ago. We were troubleshooting some errors and had to reboot the web server. Everything should be good now =)
  9. Mike

    Merchant Tag

    You may notice some members with the "Merchant" tag on their name. If we notice users posting "reviews" or other information that shows bias toward or against a company and we confirm after investigating that they are actually representing a company, we will slap the "Merchant" tag on their...
  10. Mike

    The forum is back online!

    *We're also sending this out as an email to registered members. There's nothing worse than getting this email from the company who hosts your web servers: Unfortunately, the site was down for more than a full day before they got to this point. From there, we had to spin up a new environment...
  11. Mike (everything marked down)

    A while back, we started to make a few bucks to pay for the hosting of this forum. We made a few sales here and there, but never even sold out our initial inventory, so I just marked everything down about up to 40% to start clearing it out so we can get some newer, more in...
  12. Mike

    Forum Upgrade

    I just did a quick upgrade on the forum. Downtime was less than 5 minutes or so. There was also an issue earlier in the week where we had a crashed database and had to repair it. Everything seems to be in good shape now, but if anyone notices anything funny, just shoot me a message or reply...
  13. Mike

    Forum Outage This Morning

    This morning, the forum was down for about 3.5 hours due to a DNS issue. It took a long time to resolve, but everything should be running smooth now. Sorry for the inconvenience! And please message me or reply to this thread if you notice any further issues. Thanks! Mike
  14. Mike

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and happy holidays to the rest! Hopefully you got everything you asked Santa (or whoever) for this year! Mike
  15. Mike

    GoPro Karma Recalled

  16. Mike

    Do you tiny whoop?

    As some may know, one thing I've been into quite a bit lately (like everyone else) is the tiny whoop / micro / indoor quad craze. Things have already blown up and I assume with winter coming up, this will be an even more developed area of the hobby, so I went ahead and created a new area of the...
  17. Mike

    Vendor Section - customer service, deals, giveaways, new products, etc.

    We get requests from vendors from time to time to give them a section of the forum to help their customers and post coupons, new products, giveaways, etc.. We had one before, but it didn't get a lot of activity. Now that the forum is busier than it used to be, we figured we'd give it another...
  18. Mike

    Off Topic Section

    This was requested a while back and dropped to the bottom of my to-do list before I could remember to do it. This will be a place for discussions about other RC stuff, since a lot of members are probably not just into quads.
  19. Mike

    Hi, I'm Mike!

    People have been asking for this topic for a while. I hadn't added it because I had a lot of other topics to try to fit in and I didn't want to clutter things too much. I feel like we have enough members now though where this will get a good amount of posts. Anyway, I'll start: My name is...
  20. Mike

    Interdrone 2016 Recap

    The week before last, I attended the second annual Interdrone conference at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Overall, it was a great experience and I met a lot of cool people in the industry. It's only in its second year, but Interdrone seems to be quickly establishing itself as the go-to UAS/UAV...