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    Max Height indoors

    Just posted the indoor video I made in the video section, under this link
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    My first Spark video

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    Max Height indoors

    I have found the answer! Or rather a member of 'Spark Pilots' has. because I have no GPS the optical sensors take over and they appear not to be able to work above thirty feet. But I have found out I can fool them bu starting at a higher take-off point, i.e. the choir loft!
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    Max Height indoors

    The display on my phone says No Positioning (Atti) I took off from the ground and selected Tripod mode. Flew up to approximately thirty feet and the Spark refused to do any higher. The controller then said "Maximum height reached" I have used tripod mode outdoors with GPS with no problems. The...
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    Max Height indoors

    I was filming inside my local church, with tripod mode and obstacle avoidance off, but could not fly above about thirty feet. The controller said max height reached. Is there a way I can get a bit higher? I could do with another twenty feet to get the shot I want.
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    Which video editor

    Now I have my Spark I will be looking to edit some video. I have looked at a few, but they seem so complicated. Which one do you guys use?
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    DJI Spark strange problem

    I have looked online and found many people are having the same problem. Also, I can't get the OTG cable to work, some people are saying the DJI app has now disabled this function
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    DJI Spark strange problem

    The Spark and controller connect just fine. But The controller doesn't appear on my wifi connection list until I turn off the controller and turn it back on, then everything is okay
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    DJI Spark strange problem

    I have just acquired my Spark and it works fine, apart for one annoying thing. When I turn on the remote controller it doesn't appear on my wifi setting until I turn the controller off and restart it. Always works on the second attempt. Anyone else had this annoying glitch? Not the phone as it...
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    Buyer beware!!

    I see an ad on eBay for a brand new DJI Spark fly more combo for £136.99. eBay is looking into it as this same item was on sale yesterday and they closed the seller's account. Today they pop up under another name. I must congratulate eBay, one for warning me about him yesterday when I attempted...
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    DJI Spark compass calibration

    Thank you I thought that is what I had read. I know even with my Bugs 2, which I have to calibrate for each battery if I move to a new point on the same battery if finds the new RTH.
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    DJI Spark compass calibration

    I am just about to purchase the DJI Spark and am a little confused over when to calibrate it. I have been told it is not necessary every time but should be done when changing locations. Does that mean a far away location, of, for example, only one of a couple of miles?
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    Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

    Has anyone had any experience with this drone, say compared with the Spark?
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    Note to self

    Bugs 2 recharging, so fool around in the garden with my old Syma x5c. Forgot to go to high rates, touch of wind...bye bye Syma!!! Saw it fly several gardens down and disappear. Popped notes through several doors. Two days of heavy rain and when I got in this afternoon there is Syma sitting on my...
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    Spark calibration

    Thank you just what I wanted to know. Now the next problem to persuade 'er indoors I need a Spark!!