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  1. Krashcan
  2. Christ1@n
    Complete newbie that needs help on his first quad build.
  3. JQuen
    So hello to the forum and I like photography.
  4. JQuen
    New to all this, from South coast of England uk just bought a Fx145v2 quadcopter, to get used to flying a quad, I also have 2 hellicopters
  5. Al Parmer
    Al Parmer
    Take offs are optional, Landings are mandatory
  6. Al Parmer
    Al Parmer
    Take offs are optional
  7. Cheapdronefan
    HEY UK ONLY toy quads that may have broken
  8. JT DronesLLC
    JT DronesLLC
    1. JT DronesLLC
      JT DronesLLC
      Fly Indefinitely
      Jan 21, 2019
    2. JT DronesLLC
      JT DronesLLC
      DJI Compatible
      Jan 21, 2019
  9. Silver Surfer
  10. Razor62
    Snake in the grass
  11. Beat Color
    Beat Color
  12. Maddog2019
  13. JerryMaze
    would you suggest me new ideas that you think that i can continue with my duties?
  14. JerryMaze
    hi it is my second post and i just wanna tell you guys that professionally i am a doctor but i wanna start my own business.
  15. MikeR
    MikeR RENOV8R

    Looking for a source from which to buy Nihui U807 replacement batteries, read that you had 4 35C 800mah batteries for it.
    May I ask you to please divulge the source?


  16. JerryMaze
    hi i am Jerry and i am new here and i am from Texas. professionally i am doctor.
  17. JackMerlin
    hi i am Jack and i am new here i love to know about more on technology thats why i joined this.
  18. Dave A
  19. Dave A
    Dave A
    I'm thinking about getting the Hubsan 109 pro. any thoughts would be helpful
  20. Dave A
    Dave A
    Does anyone know were i can get a part for my dji. Phantom 3 Standard controller part # p00994.04 Thank you